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Observe SSL errors
by Vazha Mantua Saturday, June 16, 2012 9:25 AM

Today We review some errors and solutions for fixing a problems with ssl


ORA-29024: Certificate Validation Failure

Reason: The certificate sent by the other side could not be validated. This may occur if the certificate has expired, has been revoked, or is invalid for another reason

Action: Check if certificate has expired or has been revoked , Use Oracle Wallet Manager to import the appropriate trust point into the wallet, ensure that the certificate has not been revoked and that certificate revocation list (CRL) checking is enabled



ORA-29223: Cannot Create Certificate Chain

Reason: A certificate chain cannot be created with the existing trust points for the certificate being installed.

Action: Install the trust point that signed the certificate with OWM


ORA-28885: No certificate with the required key usage found

Reason: Your certificate was not created with the appropriate X.509 Version 3 key usage extension.

Action: Use OWM to check the certificate's key usage


ORA-28759: Failure to Open File

Reason: The system could not open the specified file. This error occurs because the Oracle wallet cannot be found or auto login is disable

Action: Ensure that you correct use Oracle Wallet path, enable auto login if it’s possible.


ORA-28786: Decryption of Encrypted Private Key Failure

Reason: An incorrect password was used for private key. Cause may be auto login feature

Action: Use OWM to enable the auto login


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6/24/2012 9:17:11 AM #

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