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Installation Guide For Oracle TimesTen 11.2.1 In-Memory Database
by Vazha Mantua Thursday, August 25, 2011 5:38 PM

Good day all,

Today we will announced about a very nice type of database provided by Oracle. it’s Oracle TimesTen in memory database.

While installing a new technology, you can watch small presentation about this product, which I found on YouTube:


As you watched :

TimesTen is an in-memory relational database software product from Oracle. TimesTen is a high performance event-processing software component that enables applications to capture, store, use, and distribute information in real-time,
while preserving transactional integrity and continuous availability.

Full Articles about this product you can find on link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/timesten/overview/index.html


On This article we will provide you step by step procedure how install Oracle TimesTen 11.2.1 in Memory Database on Windows Platform 32 bit. Future We are going to publish some articles which deeply describe this product.


Let’s Start


Step 1: Install Software

First of all you should download installation package from Oracle:

You can download soft form link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/timesten/downloads/index.html

Run Setup.exe file , You can see in pictures steps , which you should done for installing software.








After Installation software we should connect to DB

Step 2 Configure DSN

A Timesten Database is simply created by connecting to it, A first connection to an already-existing database results in loading the database in memory.Only A instance administrator can create TimesTen Database.

First of all We should configure system DSN for connecting to DB.

1. Go to control panel , then administrative Tools and Data Sources(ODBC)

2. Switch menu on System DSN part

3. Add System Data Source, named is my_ttdb

4. In Data Store Path browse directory in which you will store data

5. In Transaction Log Directory choose directory, where you will store log data.

6. Choose character set of DB, if you planning pin Oracle TimesTen Database on Oracle Database in future , choose character set, which you have an Oracle Database

7. In section First Connection you can set First connection attributes.


Step3 Connecting And Creating TimesTen Database


1. Enter ttisql at the OS Command prompt to launch ttIsql

2. For connecting to DB run connect “dns=my_ttdb”;

3. When the connect command returns , the database my_ttdb has been created and loaded into memory.


Now you can create users and object within database my_ttdb


Very useful instrument for TimesTen Database in SQL Developer. it’s very simple to use SQL Developer for TimesTen Database.


Status of Service you can get by command ttStatus from OS command prompt .




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